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First impressions of the Samsung S22: the S-Pen and the upgraded camera design

There will be a lot of changes with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S22. Particularly for the S22 Ultra, which receives a redesigned design as well as an S-Pen.

With the announcement of the iPhone 13, iPhone enthusiasts can’t believe their good fortune. The clock is ticking on those who are on the “other side” of the world and are waiting for huge news from Samsung. It’s almost 2022 once more, and Samsung will once again kick off the year with their S series of smartphones. In this particular scenario, the S22, because Samsung smartphones have been counting years from the S20.

Samsung Galaxy S22 is the first device to be rendered.

Fortunately, there is already enough information available about the Samsung Galaxy S22 to make informed guesses. Samsung has expressed a desire to entirely redesign their product, and it’s helpful to know when that will happen. This year, with the ordinary S22, it won’t be quite as revolutionary. It will be similar in appearance to the S21 from last year. There are even speculations about an S22 Pro, which is expected to take the place of the S22+. That would be a refreshing change.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be totally redesigned, and that will be the main focus of the announcements. Even though Samsung has indicated that the Note 21 will not be released this year, lovers of the world’s largest Samsung smartphone may find themselves in the thickest version of the S series the following year. This will serve as a form of Memo. The S22-L is the largest of the S22 series, and it has a distinctive design when compared to the others.

The latter refers mostly to the angular top and bottom, as well as the addition of a new camera island. It will be a ‘loose’ island once more, rather than a section of dwellings like the S21 was. As with current iPhones, it will have a stove-like appearance, with an appendage underneath that will let the Telephoto camera to take part in the action.


The reason why the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is compared to the Note 21 is that it is the first time that an S-Pen has been included with an S-series device. This built-in stylus has become a tradition for Samsung Note devices and has remained a distinguishing feature of the company’s flagship smartphones. That is no longer the case. There would still be a Note 22 in 2022, but with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or the Fold 3 (and possibly the Fold 4 if it is already available), the Note appears to be steadily becoming obsolete.

So, in terms of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, it’s largely the same as before, unless you go for the Ultra model.(via Digit and OnLeak)

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