Florida: motorcycle club shooting, 3 people killed, one wounded

Orlando (America): America Three people were killed and another wounded in a shooting in a warehouse used by the motorcycle club in Florida in the early hours of a fight. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office (the county police chief) said officers under him are trying to catch the suspect who fled to the Orlando area. It is still unclear to investigators whether those who died or the person who was injured did not shoot each other.

They lasted several rounds

Orange County Sheriff John W. Mina told reporters, “Several shots were fired, there are fears that more than one person was fired.” Mina said eyewitnesses spoke to investigators and was briefed on the controversy that led to the dismissal. “So far we have received information that there have been debates and skirmishes on someone’s bike, there may be a disagreement on some other issue,” he said, adding that the injured in hospital was not cooperating with the authorities in the investigation. is.

Input- AP agency )

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