France declares a public health emergency for COVID-19 | World news

The French government declared a public health emergency on Wednesday, giving officials greater power to take new steps to stop the spread of COVID-19.

In a statement announcing the emergency, the government said in a statement that “the COVID-19 epidemic, depending on its nature and severity, constitutes a public health catastrophe that puts the health of the population at risk.”

“It justifies the declaration of an emergency so that measures that are strictly proportional to the public health risk can be adopted.”

The statement did not say what actions the government will take, but the adoption of an emergency gives the authorities the legal power to impose strong actions.

President Emmanuel Mark Long is expected to elaborate on the actions he is planning in a state-run TV interview Wednesday at 8 PM (1800 GMT).

French media reported that the night curfew between 9pm and 6am was one of the actions Macron would disclose.

The French government declared a public health emergency in March of this year, when hospitalization for the epidemic was at its peak.

At the time, authorities used additional powers to order them to stay at home except for essential work, food purchases, or an hour of exercise every day.

The emergency was lifted after the number of Corona 19 cases decreased in mainland France in July.

But since then, the disease has skyrocketed again, and Prime Minister Jean Castex said France is in the middle of the second wave of the virus.

French health officials reported Wednesday that the number of people treated in hospitals for COVID-19 surpassed 9,100 for the first time since June 25.

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