France encourages 5 people from Bosnian family to forcibly cut their hair as a teenager

The judges banned the parents of the girl from the French region for five years. (Representative)


Home Secretary Gerald Dermannin reported on Saturday that five members of the family of a Bosnian teenager have forcibly shaved their heads over his relationship with a Christian Serbian man.

Sources close to Darmin told AFP that those deported were the parents of the girl and her three siblings.

The parents of the 17-year-old were arrested on Friday after a court in the eastern town of Bescan convicted them of assaulting a minor.

He was sentenced to one year in prison, four of which were suspended, along with his aunts and uncles, who said the girl had in fact shaved her head.

But the judges also excluded parents from the French region for five years.

If the aunts and uncles were granted refugee status, the parents refused it and already had to voluntarily leave France.

The girl came from Bosnia and Herzegovina two years ago with her family and had a relationship with a 20-year-old Serbian lover living in the same building for several months.

While the families were reuniting, his parents grabbed his phone and prevented him from contacting the boy when the couple started talking about marriage.

He said that “we are Muslims, you cannot marry a Christian,” prosecutors said after the August incident.

The court heard how the couple fled for four days before returning to the apartment where the girl’s family lived.

He told the court that the adults took him to his bedroom where he was beaten and shaved by his parents, aunt and uncle.

According to the prosecution, after the teenager’s parents called the police, authorities took the girl to hospital where she was found “everywhere” with a broken rib and bruises.

The young girl will be taken care of by the French social services “and will receive a residence permit once an adult,” said the young Minister of Citizenship Marlin Shippa.

The case aroused intense feelings in France to recall that thousands of women who slept with German soldiers had been freed after World War II in the country.

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