French knife attack: female beheaded, two killed in church in Nice | World news

NICE: A knife-wielding attacker shouting “Allahu Akbar” beheaded a woman allegedly terrorist in a church in Nice, France on Thursday, and killed two others, police and officials said. Nice Mayor Christian Estrosh, who described the attack as terrorism, tweeted that it happened in or near the Church of Notre Dame and that police detained the attacker.

Estrosi said the attacker shouted the phrase “Allahu Akbar”. Estrosi said one of the people killed in the church was believed to be a church guard.

“The perpetrator continued to shout “Allahu Akbar” even after he was detained, Estrosi said. The person suspected of being a knife attacker is shot by the police while in custody and is on the way to the hospital and is alive.” “That’s enough,” Estrosi said. “Now it is time for France to deviate from the law of peace in order to completely eliminate Islamic fascism from our territory.”

Police said it was confirmed that the attack killed three people and wounded several others. A police source said a woman had her throat cut. French politician Marine Le Pen also said he was choked in the attack. Estrosi said the victims were killed in a “horrible way”.

“This method undoubtedly matches Samuel Paty, the brave teacher of the Conflans Sainte Honorine,” he said, referring to a French teacher who was beheaded in an attack on the outskirts of Paris earlier this month. “With police and French media shame and different tolls, Estrosi said he was able to confirm that the two were dead. He said that a third man, a severely injured woman, tried to escape and ran away from inside the church. On the bar opposite the building.

French anti-terrorism prosecutors said they had been asked to investigate the attack. At the scene, Reuters reporters revealed that police armed with automatic weapons installed security codes around a church on Jean Med Sin Avenue, Nice’s main shopping street. An ambulance and fire truck were also on site.

The attack occurs while France is still suffering from the beheading of a French middle school teacher Patty earlier this month by a man from Chechen. The perpetrator said he wanted to punish Patty for showing his students the cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad in a civic class. It wasn’t immediately clear whether Thursday’s attack was related to the comics Muslims regarded as blasphemy.

After Patty’s murder, French officials, supported by many ordinary citizens, reclaimed the right to display the cartoon, and the image was widely displayed in a march in solidarity with the murdered teacher. This has sparked anger in parts of the Islamic world, as some governments accused French leader Emmanuel Mark Long of pursuing an anti-Islamic agenda.

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