French President Emmanuel Macron portrayed distortions in the Prophet Mohammed cartoons

Macron also condemned the call to boycott French products as “unreservedly” and “unacceptable” (File)


President Emanuel Macron pointed to the “distortions” of political leaders over the cartoons of Prophet Mohammed, saying people are often led to believe they are building the French state in an interview broadcast on Saturday. ,

Speaking to al-Jazeera, he described “an illusion fed by many media – and sometimes political and religious leaders – that this caricature is, in some way, the creation or creation of a project or French government ”. Gave the slogan. ” President “.

He called the boycott of French products “unworthy” and “unacceptable” by some private groups over the cartoon published in Charlie Hebdo’s Weekly, creating a campaign “based on lies… sometimes other leaders”. .

(Except for the title, this story was not edited by NDTV employees and posted from a syndicated feed.)

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