French products disappear from retail stores in Kuwait, you know what the reason is

New Delhi: Cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad in France (The controversy that started after being shown by the cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad) is not taking the name of pause. After the brutal assassination of this blasphemy case, the French government is now facing the impact of its toughness on the economic front. As part of the latest development, the group, which operates a retail chain in Kuwait, has announced a boycott of French companies’ French products from its stores.

Resentment in Muslim countries

) In the largest economy in the Arab world, Riyadh also boycotted French products, where its hashtag on Sunday ranked second on Twitter’s ranking. 23 According to the circular published in October, the leading trade union of the Consumer Co-operative Societies, a non-governmental organization known to consumers, is aware of French products. Giving their boycott was decided.

Greater impact on these products

During this time, hair and beauty products made by French companies were removed overnight from all major retail stores in Kuwait.

Nice to see it # الا_رسول_الله # kuwait # koweit

– عـبداللـه العويهان (@ a_alowaihan1) October 26, 2020

Confirmation of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The French foreign ministry confirmed this news, stating that many countries in the Middle East have boycotted French products. In this, the companies that produce food products have suffered the most.

# Tunisians launch #BoycottFrenchProducts campaign in response to attacks on #Islam and #prophetMuhammed in # France. # تونس # قاطعوا_المنتجات_الفرنسية # إلا_رسول_الله # فرنسا

– Mourad TEYEB (مــراد التـائـب) (@MouradTeyeb) October 23, 2020

Indeed, in Islam, any representation of the Prophet as blasphemous is considered imprudent in Hazrat’s pride. Therefore, Kuwait’s cooperative organizations have defined the French government’s position as anti-Islam.

Do you know what the whole thing was?

Relations between Muslim countries and France sharpened when a French teacher showed a cartoon of Pangbar to a class full of children. Later, after a harsh reaction from the fundamentalists, he was brutally strangled to avenge Ishaninda. Since then, millions of voices have been voiced throughout France about extremist thinking and radical Islam.

(Input from Reuters)

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