French teacher killer Samuel Patty contacted caricature of prophet at tutor: report


Police sources said on Tuesday that a man who was a history teacher outside of Paris last week was in contact with his parents, who were running an online campaign against the professor.

The 18-year-old murderer had exchanged WhatsApp messages with the man who wanted Samuel Patty to tell his daughter how the teacher showed caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in a lesson on free speech.

The father is one of 16 people whose shock waves rose in France five years after the assassination, when 12 people were slaughtered by jihadists in a satirical magazine that published caricatures.

Abdullakh Anjorov, of Chechen descent, launched the attack as Pati returned home from high school on Friday, where he teaches in Conflance-Sante-Honarin, 40 kilometers northwest of Paris. Was.

Police sources did not disclose how Enzorov came into contact with the father, who had led a fierce campaign against Patty for showing the cartoons that many Muslims consider outrageous.

But the father had put his phone number in a Facebook post with a video calling for a protest against Pati.

The father, whose daughter was an effigy of Patty but was not in class at the time of the class, according to police sources, accused the teacher of “pornography” of showing Mohammed naked.

The school said Patty gave Muslim students the opportunity to leave the classroom before the footage was shown.

The father then released a second video attacking the teacher, in which he appeared alongside a known Islamic fundamentalist, who is now in custody.

Five schoolchildren are also being detained on suspicion of helping identify their victim in exchange for money.

Shortly after the attack, Anjorov was shot dead by police.

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