Future pandemics will become more fatal and more frequent, warns UN panel | World news

New Delhi: The UN’s biodiversity panel on Thursday warned that future epidemics will become more lethal and more frequent if humans do not change the way they treat nature.

The panel said that without fundamental changes in respecting nature, epidemics such as COVID-19 would occur more often, kill more people, and cause more damage to the global economy.

A panel known as IPBES warned that there are up to 850,000 viruses present in animals and capable of infecting humans, such as the novel coronavirus. It was said that the epidemic meant an “existential threat” to humanity.

“There is no big mystery as to the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic or the modern pandemic,” said Peter Daszak, chairman of the IPBES workshop who drafted the report and chairman of the Ecohealth Alliance.

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