Gas and Causes of Stomach Dilation Read Article | This habit increases gastrointestinal gas problems.

In many types of gastrointestinal problems, bloating in the stomach is a common problem. Everyone, from childhood to young and old, faces this problem. There can be many reasons for gastrointestinal gas: overeating, hunger for too long, eating spicy or spicy foods, eating hard-to-digest foods, not chewing properly, worrying more, drinking. On the consumption of certain diseases and medicines. Find out what habits can be causing these problems here.

Eating fast
People who eat frequently do not chew food properly through their teeth. For this reason, this food takes more time to digest and more gas is excreted after it reaches the stomach.

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Chewing Chew
People who chew all the time chewing gum usually feel the gas and heaviness in the stomach all the time. The reason is that while chewing gum, a person consumes more air than necessary. This air causes a feeling of bloating after entering the stomach.

same situation occurs with the internal functioning of a person while smoking while smoking, similar to chewing. During smoking, the access air enters our body and maintains the discomfort until it leaves the body.

I am allergic to
certain medications I have a problem with dry mouth after taking certain medications. This leads to the problem of being smelted in the mouth and producing gas in the stomach. You need to know which medication is causing such a problem.

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(Note: doctors consult before taking any action)

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