Gaurav Sharma, a member of parliament in New Zealand, did not stay home a few years ago

Shimla: Lives in Himachal Pradesh (Himachal Pradesh) Dr. Gaurav Sharma (Dr. Gaurav Sharma) has achieved great achievements and brought laurels to the country. Gaurav was elected deputy in New Zealand. Gaurav hails from the Hamirpur district and settled in New Zealand about 20 years ago. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery and practice from Hamilton.

defeated the opposition by a margin of 4,425 votes

According to the New Zealand Electoral Commission, Gaurav Sharma won 16950 votes from the Hamilton West seat and led opposition National Party leader Tim Macindoe. 4425 defeated by a margin of votes.

wants to work for Hamilton

Gaurav Sharma said on his party’s official webpage: “As a local doctor, I hear the problems in our community every day. With experience in healthcare and management, I have to move to Hamilton in the later stages of the resumption of the outbreak. It will help you become a stronger voice. “

The Prime Minister of Himachal congratulates

Himachal Pradesh Prime Minister Jai Ram Thakur congratulated Gaurav Sharma through social media. He said: “Dr. Gaurav, from Gallod village in Hamirpur, has earned a name for the state and country and the people of Himachal Pradesh are proud of this achievement.”

I didn’t stay home

Gaurav Sharma’s father was an executive engineer at the Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board before moving to New Zealand with his family. Then Gaurav was in ninth grade and his family was struggling. The Labor Party reported: “Gaurav’s father took 6 years to find a job in his workplace. During this time he felt homeless, slept on a park bench and ate at Auckland City Mission and Hare Krishna. “

Gaurav is still associated with Himachal
In a TV interview with Shimla in the year 2017, Gaurav Sharma said that he has not lost his connection with his birthplace and when he is in Himachal on the hill. He likes to talk. He said, “No other food has given me more pleasure than Himachali food.”

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The Labor Party wins a landslide victory

In the 2020 New Zealand election, the Labor Party has achieved a landslide victory. The Labor Party, led by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, received 49 more than one percent of the vote, while the National Party received 26. 9% of the votes were received. 120 The Labor Parliament gets more MPs 61 in the Parliament than the more than the majority.


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