Germany punished a Muslim doctor for not joining the woman’s hands


Germany refuses to give citizenship to a Muslim refugee for not joining hands with a woman.


Berlin: Germany refuses to grant citizenship to a Muslim refugee for not joining a woman. The local court said in its ruling that there is no place in Germany for those who discriminate on the basis of religion and sex.

is a Lebanese doctor

Originally the 2002 Lebanese Muslim doctor came to Germany and 768900 After years of refugee, he applied for citizenship in 2012. The doctor refused to shake hands with the female officer, saying her religion does not allow it.

Risk of sexual seduction

The Administrative Court of Baden-Württemberg has stated that no one can refuse to join hands with anyone on the basis of religion or sex. The court ruled that “if a man refuses to shake hands with women simply because he sees women as a threat of sexual seduction, then it is not acceptable.”

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promised to his wife

The doctor works as a senior doctor in a local clinic. He also signed an affidavit in Germany’s constitution to guarantee citizenship and condemn terrorism. When he handed all his papers to the female German government officer, during this time the officer tried to join him, but the doctor refused. The doctor says he promised his wife he wouldn’t shake hands with other women.

appealed the administration’s decision

Previously, the administration rejected the doctor’s application for citizenship. Against which he filed an appeal in court. Now the court has also made it clear that the German constitution does not allow discrimination based on religion and gender, so the doctor cannot be granted German citizenship. It is believed that the government may soon report to the doctor.

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