Global protest against Pakistan celebrates Black Day | World news

New Delhi: On Thursday, protests around the world took place in Kashmir to highlight the coincidence of Pakistan’s atrocities as “Black Day” on October 22nd. On this day in 1947, Pakistani invaders invaded the then-royal states of Jammu and Kashmir. Five days later, on October 27, 1947, the Indian army arrived after King Hari Singh signed the accession document at the time.

In Nepal, we saw “Let’s Watch the Black Days of Indian Youth in Nepal” paying homage to the sacrifices made by “millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims” for the country while dealing with Pakistan’s atrocities.

In The Hague, Netherlands, in front of the Peace Palace, where the International Court of Justice is located, a bus with a bulletin board “Black Day on illegal occupation of Pakistan: Compensation for damages” was seen.

Protests took place in Japan, Seoul, London, Brussels, Geneva, San Francisco and Malaysia. A car rally was planned in Washington to commemorate the “Day of Remembrance of Pakistan’s Jammu and Kashmir’s Cruel Invasion.” The rally goes to the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, USA

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