Good News: CDSCO Approves Phase 2 Clinical Trial of Russian Vaccine Sputnik, COVID-19 Vaccine May Resume in India Soon | Good news: Phase 2 trial of corona vaccine coming soon in India

New Delhi: We have some good news about the development of a coronavirus vaccine. Sources say the second clinical trial of the Russian corona vaccine Sputnik-V in India is set to begin soon. Friday, October 17th (October 17) A panel of experts from the Central Pharmaceutical Standards Control Agency, India’s pharmaceutical manufacturer Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories (DRL) is said to have approved a second phase clinical trial of the recommended vaccine.

1400 volunteers are included in the 2nd exam.
The Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical company reapplied to the Drug Supervisor of India (DCGI) on October 13 for a retest of the Russian corona vaccine Sputnik-V and a phase 2 and 3 human trial. They asked for approval. In this regard, according to the revised protocol, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories (DRL) has stated that the second trial covers 100 subjects and the third stage covers 1,400 applicants.

If the second attempt is successful, the third attempt is allowed.
Sources say the subject matter expert committee (SEC) on Kovid-19 recommended a recent deliberation to allow the second phase of a potential vaccine to be tested first. Only after submitting data related to the safety and immunity of the second stage is the human trial approved for the third trial of the Kovid vaccine.

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Sputnik is the world’s first carvid vaccine
carbide vaccine The Sputnik V vaccine was jointly developed by RDIF and Gamalaya National Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology. Russia has accepted Sputnik-V, the first vaccine for the coronavirus, the first vaccine for Kovid-19 worldwide. After that, Russia approved the second coronavirus EpiVacCorona on October 14th.

Last week, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said he expects India to get the Covid-19 vaccine from more than one source in early 2021. He is expected to get the coronovirus vaccine in India early next year.

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