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Google is expanding the availability of a useful Android feature to additional Android versions.

You, too, are interested in this feature! And it is for this reason that Google is rolling out this useful Android feature to a variety of Android versions.

The Android 11 operating system was released by Google last summer. In this version, a feature has been added that is not immediately noticeable but is really useful. It is a feature that automatically resets the permissions of the application. When a programme is not used for a period of several months, the operating system may withdraw the permission that the application requested when it was initially installed.

Android has a useful feature.

And it is unquestionably a feature you would want to take advantage of. For the simple reason that these applications will continue to run in the background, collecting information. However, it is only available on a restricted number of devices, which is a major disappointment. This is due to the fact that most Android device makers only support their devices with platform updates for a short period of time. To their benefit, this will soon be changing.

Following the release of an Android 6 (Marshmallow) developer update yesterday, Google said that the feature will be available to all smartphones running Android 6 or higher starting in December 2021. The feature is made possible via a Google Play Services upgrade that will be rolled out to “billions” of devices, according to the company.

Update Once you’ve installed the latest software on your device, the capability will be enabled by default for apps that target Android 11 or later versions of the operating system. Those applications that were created for older versions of the operating system have the option to be manually enabled. It will take a little more effort, but it will be worthwhile.

Because it might be easy to forget all of the permissions you may have granted to an app when you originally installed it, this is another one of those small quality-of-life enhancements that most Android users will appreciate.

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