Google to establish 100,000 broadband access points in California

Google LLC, an American multinational technology company, is allegedly putting up 100,000 Wi-Fi points to increase broadband access in California, together with 3 weeks of free access. The company is also offering a huge number of Chromebook notebooks for California students.

The plan comes on the heels of the state governor, Gavin Newsome’s statement for California schools to remain closed during the spring, following the summarized social guidelines by state officials during the coronavirus epidemic. The state has reported almost 8,155 cases of coronavirus infected patients, with 774 patients occupying ICU beds.

The company, in partnership with the state, has enabled remote learning via online applications for nearly 6.1 million students in the public-school system across the state amid stay-at-home guidelines made available by government officials. Educators and educators are also moving classes to online learning. For example, San Francisco Unified School District has started embracing the free Google Classroom web service to help over 57,000 students get access to study materials amid the lockdown. Google to install 100,000 broadband access points across california

In addition, working parents of the school-age children are also juggling their remote work in addition to parenting to keep their kids busy and remain diligent in education while they are restricted in their houses to include the spread of the virus.

The Silicon Valley titan is working to boost connection between people throughout the state and enhance electronic learning for students in home. The state governor has also expressed his appreciation for Google for allowing substantial enhancement of the scenario by catering to the wide population with its free services.

Susan Nettles

Susan Nettles

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