Great Britain: thousands of people in favor of the forced dispatch of the Sikh widow to India

Gurmeet Kaur Sahota

An elderly Sikh widow, who has lived in the UK for nearly a year and has settled here An online petition for non-forced dispatch to India has been launched, on which 62 thousand people have so far been signed.


London: An elderly Sikh who has lived in the UK for almost a year and has settled here An online petition has been launched not to forcibly send the widowed woman to India, on which 62 thousands have been signed up to now. Gurmeet Kaur Sahota (75) in the year 2009 She came to Great Britain and has lived in Smethwick, West Midland ever since.

Gurmeet’s family does not live in Punjab and Great Britain

Legally an expatriate living in the country without having completed the documentary process and should be deported to India under immigration regulations, even if there is no member of her family, the fact that there is no one in India attracted public attention And the local community of Smethwick came to his aid. “Gurmeet has no family in the UK or any family in Punjab,” said the online petition “Change point oraji” addressed to the UK Home Office and the UK Parliament, so the Smethwick Sikh community accepted it.

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Gurmeet asked to stay in the UK

Gurmeet asked to stay in the UK but was refused knowing he had no family in India (Punjab). “Through an interpreter, Sahota told ‘Birmingham Live’ that if he was sent to India there was no place for them to return as they have no family there. He said: “I’m terrified of the loneliness and the mental health effects of going back there alone.

Gurmeet considers Smethwick as his

Smethwick family is my real home, this is where I work for the community. This is the place I know and where the people I love have become members of my family. “Meanwhile, the Home Office has been quoted as saying how to stay legally in the UK Can apply

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