Green Cardamom Releases Toxic Substances From The Body, Knows More Benefits | Green cardamom releases toxic substances from the body and learns more benefits of ingestion.

Green Cardamom is used in Indian kitchens. It is also used as a spice, tea, dessert, flavoring and mouthwash. It is also an Ayurvedic medicine that is beneficial for your health. Cardamom helps overcome many problems with the body. There are many benefits when consumed daily.

Removing toxins from the body
Cardamom contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which help remove toxic substances present in the body. Cardamom also regulates blood pressure.

cardamom, which is beneficial for colds, also treats problems such as phlegm, colds, colds, and coughs. Put a few drops of cardamom oil in hot water and steam it for 15 minutes to make your chest feel stuffy and relieve breathing difficulties. Remove sputum.

Reduces acne and bad breath
Cardamom also treats digestion and is a kind of mouthwash. This reduces bad breath. If you have a problem with a bad smell in your mouth, you need to chew one or two cardamom after eating.

Benefits of acidity (gastric gas, acidity)
Headache is caused by gas problems in the stomach. So, if you feel good, eat cardamom. After eating, chew cardamom in your mouth for 5 minutes. The digestive process is also correct with this.

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