Hindu groups are asking for pardon for a picture showing Harris in the role of Durga Ma

Washington : Photo tweets by Mina Harris, niece of Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris, on behalf of the Democratic Party of the United States. There is dissatisfaction among the Hindu community in America. In the picture, Kamala Harris appears as Durga Ma, and the community has apologized to Mina for this.

Lawyer by profession and author of children’s books, 35 years old, Mina has now deleted that tweet. Sohag Shukla of the American Indian Foundation tweeted, “The picture she shared of Mother Durga with a second face on her face angered many people in the Hindu community around the world.” This representative organization has issued guidance on the commercial use of images related to religion.

Rishi Bhuta of the American Hindu Political Action Committee said the “insulting” photo was not taken by Mina Harris, and before her tweet, the photo was working on WhatsApp. Bahouta said Biden’s campaign had assured him that the photo had not been taken on his behalf. Ajay Shah of the American Hindu Group Against Defamation said in a statement that the image was insulting and angered the religious community. The photo shows Kamala Harris as Durga Maa assassinating US President Donald Trump, who has been presented as Mahishasura.

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