Home remedies: the benefits of ajwain or carom seeds in your kitchen | Celery is a mine of qualities and a panacea for many health problems

We get upset as soon as someone in our family has a small health-related problem. From taking the call to the doctor, we do several times to check the fever ourselves. But did you know that the medicine in question is always in the kitchen? For example, what if you have stomach pain or gas? Migraine problem, what to do when the medicine is over? Or what if the throat suddenly worsens? The solution to all these problems is celery found in the kitchen.

Celery is a panacea for many diseases
Celery (Ajwain) takes up minimal space in our kitchen, but it is very useful. Celery is effective in relieving many health problems. It is special for the skin, with treatment for colds, coughs and headaches. Tell us about some home remedies related to celery.

Regular consumption of celery in foods can help keep the digestive process healthy. But there are still problems sometimes. If you have gas problems in this case, celery is a panacea. Celery can be consumed even after vomiting. Prepare by grinding celery, black salt and dried ginger. If you eat this churan after eating, sour belching and gas problems are immediately touched.

Ear breaks also
have water in the ear or severe pain in the ear. Humans do not think in such a situation. In this case, celery oil is added to the ear to treat ear pain.

elderly household members often suffer from arthritis. The pain from arthritis is very terrible and intolerable. However, nourishing it with a pot of celery will relieve arthritis.

Relief from throat to headache If
you’re bad, many things in the kitchen can be used for treatment, but if the problem seems to be getting worse on your hands and not alleviated by any prescription, boil celery immediately and then gargle with your throat. Will be cured. . In addition, if you boil parsley in water and ingest the water amid the terrible pain of a migraine, the pain of a migraine can be felt in a short time.

Facial beauty partners
If you have acne on your face, grind a little celery with tofu and apply it on your face. When the coating dries, wipe it off with warm water. Acne will disappear within a few days.

Omega 3 Mines Celery
Celery contains significant amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, which are very beneficial for heart and brain health. It reduces bad cholesterol in the body and provides important nutrients to the brain. Celery tea has the ability to prevent brain tumors. In addition to this, fiber is also found, which is beneficial for heart patients.

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