How to: Use iOS and Android for These Problems

Bonus tip for iPhone 11 users or iPhone 12 enthusiasts.

Do you know? You can hear everyone around you talking with the greatest ease about the everyday things they do with their smartphone. You nod politely, but you are actually ashamed to admit that you have no idea how such a thing works. No point. No matter how awkward your question may seem, you are not alone in dealing with it. Therefore, in this “how to”, an answer to the question how you can turn off the iPhone 11 and how you can block callers with Android and iOS.

Turn off iPhone 11

On older iPhones, you still had the familiar “home” button with which you can easily turn off your iPhone. To provide the largest screen possible, this button has been removed. The question now is how to get this new induction cooker. To do this, simultaneously press the side button (on one side of your device) and one of the volume buttons (the choice is yours) on the other side. A cursor will appear on the screen asking you to swipe if you want to turn off your device. Do it and you’ve turned off the device. If you want to turn the device back on, just hold down the side button for a few seconds.

Although it seems tedious to have to use two buttons and three operations to turn off the device, Apple did it for a reason. This is to prevent the device from accidentally getting into a purse, jacket or bag (pants). Do you find this tip an open door? According to this forum, this is one of the most frequently asked help questions.

Block callers with iOS or Android

Now a smartphone is (also) there to make and receive calls. However, some people prefer not to speak. “So block them” is a cry often heard. Do you ever think in your mind: “but how?” In this way we also explain this point.

Block callers with iOS

If you have an iPhone, it depends on the version of iOS how you should work. Since iOS 13 is now the newest operating system, we are discussing options for iOS 11 and above. If you are using an older version of iOS, you can read in this article how to configure a block.

You can block callers in two ways with iOS. First of all, if you’ve been called by someone you don’t really want to talk to anymore and who doesn’t call anonymously, you can browse the phone history. You look at recently called numbers and press the “i” icon. In the menu that opens, scroll down and press “block this caller”.

You can also start via the menu. Follow the path: settings -> phone -> calls -> block and identify -> block contact. Your contact list will then open and you will see the “block contact” option next to each contact. This way you are ready for a cleaning promotion.

Now we have a problem, anonymous callers. You cannot block this with a number. Since iOS 13, Apple also has a solution for this, stopping unknown numbers. This function (found via settings -> phone -> keep unknown callers always) ensures that unknown callers are sent directly to voicemail. You will then see the calls as “missed calls” in your list. Please note that in addition to anonymous callers, callers whose number is not in your contact list will also be transferred directly to voicemail if you activate this option. If you still want to talk to someone, the remedy is simple, just add to your contacts.

Block callers with Android

Even as a user of an Android device, you can suffer from unwanted “followers”. Of course, there is also a solution for you. Since many phone service providers make their own shell on Android, the solution may differ slightly depending on the device. Often, however, the simplest option works.

You access the overview of recent phone calls and search for the contact / number you want to block. You then press the “i” icon and then “plus” (the three vertical dots). Here you choose the option “add to blacklist”. Depending on the type of device, this number is then completely blocked or it is immediately redirected to voicemail.

However, this option has two drawbacks. First of all, the possibility only applies to people who call with caller ID (whether a contact or not) and they can also end up on your voicemail and always find a contact.

If you also want to block anonymous numbers and make sure certain known numbers really leave you alone, you can also put an app on your smartphone. The Number application is available for Android and iOS and is used often. Please note that government agencies (such as hospitals and tax authorities) often call anonymously. By using this application and blocking anonymous callers, these authorities can no longer reach you on mobile.

You see, Android and iOS each have their own unique capabilities.

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