If you vote for Joe Biden it means there will be Christmas or Independence Day – Donald Trump – if you vote for Joe Biden it does not mean Christmas or Independence Day – Donald Trump


US President Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden will meet separately on Thursday in Tampa, Florida. This will be the first time the two will be present during their election campaign. Now, gradually, the battle to reach the White House is entering its final days. Here in many surveys, Joe Biden is described as stronger.

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Florida is considered an important region for the US presidential election, it is the third largest state in the United States. Most importantly, whoever wins in Florida is believed to have become the President of the United States, with few exceptions. It becomes necessary to compare the two rallies. Supporters of Trump without a mask have started to rally since noon. On the other hand, Joe Beiden has been seen dealing with social distancing.

Significantly, the Corona virus has killed more than 2.27,000 people in America and taken jobs away from millions of people in the world’s largest economy. 77-year-old former Vice President Joe Biden, who appears to have an advantage in opinion polls, has said he will not make a false promise that the crown will end as soon as he arrives. “But what I can promise you In other words, I will start making the right work and the right decisions from day one.

Trump attacked Biden on Wednesday, saying he would ruin the country by putting a lockdown again. He said if you vote for Biden it means there will be no children in school, no one will graduate, there will be no Christmas festival and there will be no July 4. Let’s say that July 4th, Independence Day is celebrated in America.


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