If your diet includes a low-fat diet, then definitely read this news

New York: Many men suffer from testosterone deficiency. Weight loss can help increase testosterone levels. Researchers say that a particularly low-fat diet can be associated with a small but significant decrease in testosterone. Researcher Jake Fantus from the University of Chicago, USA said in the study: “We found that men who were on a restricted fat diet had less serum testosterone than men who were not on a restrictive diet.”

Funtas said, “Although the clinical importance of small differences in serum T in the diet is not clear.”

The research team conducted a nationwide National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 3,100 for the study published in the Journal of Urology. ) Analyzed the data from more men.

All participants had data on diet and serum testosterone levels.

Defined by the American Heart Association (AHA) on the basis of a two-day diet 14. 6 percent of men ate low-fat met the criteria for.

There are other 24. 4% of men consume foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These people reduced the intake of protein and dairy products from animals.

Few men who participated in the study were on a low-carb diet with AHA criteria, so this group was excluded from the analysis.

The mean serum testosterone level in men 435 during the study was 5 ng / dl (nanograms per dl).

Men who were on a restrictive diet found less serum testosterone.
Testosterone is a hormone that occurs in the testes of men. It increases sexual strength in men and provides an adequate level of muscles and red blood cells, as well as aids for sexual function.

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Mary Hornsby

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