In Quebec, Canada,’Calman in medieval costume’ stabbed 2 people, 5 injured | World news

In Quebec, Canada, Kalman “in medieval clothes” was stabbed to death. Quebec is a French-speaking province in eastern Canada.

The incident took place in Quebec’s Parliament Hill area. Police are still looking for a suspect. Security in the area was strengthened and emergency services were urgently sent to the scene of the accident.

Police said five people injured in the case were taken to a local hospital, but the local administration has yet to make an official announcement about their situation.

As the search for the suspect continued, local residents were asked by local police. Police urged anyone who knows about the incident or the location of the suspect to call 911.

Queben police have yet to release a statement on the number of deaths or injuries, but they are due to release an official statement on Sunday.

However, the national public broadcaster Radio-Canada reported that the attack killed two people and wounded five.

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