In the city next to China, North Korea, martial law was again imposed for fear of corona

China’s problems that hurt the whole world in coronavirus are increasing again.

Beijing: China’s difficulties that hurt the whole world in the corona virus are increasing again. 11 New cases of corona have appeared in the city of Shulan in China, bordering North Korea. In view of this, the government has implemented martial law. According to the Global Times, all victims were infected after contacting a laundress.

Secretary of the Communist Party Jilin Provincial Committee, Bayin Chaolu, said martial law had been imposed in Shulan in the face of the increasing danger. He said that cluster infection in Shulan could pose a major risk to people and that there is no effort to deal with the virus. Local media claim that action is taken against those who do not take appropriate action. Significantly, China resumed its normal activities after the end of Corona’s fall. But the Shulan news has compounded his problem.

In view of the increasing danger, the Shulan blockade was continued and the villages were brought under their control. People and visitors are closely monitored here. In addition, only one entry point was opened to residents. Apart from that, only one person from each family can leave the house to buy important goods every day.

As a precautionary measure, 630,000 All trains to or from Shulan with a population have been closed until further notice. Public transport was also discontinued. No taxi is allowed to leave the city. At the same time, a new case was confirmed in Hubei province yesterday, which has increased the number of new corona cases in the country. The National Health Commission (NHC) of China says that of these 14 cases, the infection is spread locally.

New cases in China have increased the possibility of a new attack by Corona. The most frightening thing is that many such cases were also uncovered in China, where there were no corona symptoms among the victims. Only 20 cases were registered on Saturday.

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