In the first campaign video, Kanye West focused on religion

Kanye West has asked his supporters to vote for him as a candidate.

Los Angeles:

Rapper Kanye West released his first official campaign video on Monday, November 3 in his long-term candidacy for President of the United States, focusing on religion and families.

West, 43, who began his campaign for the White House in July with erratic statements on his social media accounts, is on the official ballot in a handful of US states, according to US media, but does has no mathematical chance of winning. .

In Monday’s video, the musician and fashion designer asked her supporters to vote for her as a candidate.

West says in the video, “As we turn to faith, we are the kind of people, the kind of people that God wants us to be.”

The video was the first major bid from West, one of President Donald Trump’s biggest celebrities, as a serious candidate for the White House. He did little publicity at his birthday party as concerns about his mental health grew.

The “Heartless” singer, who won 21 Grammy Awards, said in 2018 that he suffers from bipolar disorder.

Some political analysts believe West’s presidential bid could wrest black supporters from Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election.

This year, West has spent some $ 5.8 million on his campaign, according to documents filed with the Federal Election Commission. Most of the funding comes from a loan of $ 6.7 million alone.

Their website has ads for hoodies, hats, and t-shirts ranging from $ 40 to $ 160.

It also establishes a 10-point policy platform that includes reforming the police and justice system, reducing student debt, and restructuring the education system to better serve the most vulnerable.

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