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In this way, Samsung evaluates the durability of its flexible mobile phones.

Despite the fact that the recording seems strangely reassuring, it is possible that the folding phones are not as vulnerable as previously thought.

In spite of the fact that foldable phones unquestionably look futuristic, and they may well be the future of the industry, it is completely reasonable that they make a lot of people feel bad, and that many consumers are wary of these still extremely pricey devices.

Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphones, which were released this year, are significantly tougher than their predecessors, as confirmed by external tests, the manufacturer did not pass up the opportunity to demonstrate the types of tests that the devices have been subjected to.

Many people are terrified of folding, believing that they will succumb to such a spectacle in the near future. Others are concerned about the soft surface of the display, which has been designed to be readily damaged by a stylus intended for use with mobile devices.

While the video demonstrates that Samsung does not present any major obstacles to the new mobile phones, it does demonstrate that the essential features are fully tested. Following this, we may reasonably conclude that it is not always the fault of the manufacturer when some products fail to function properly for more than a few days.

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