India attacks Pakistan without naming it, and appeals to the United Nations

United nations

India (India) insisted that the United Nations should speak decisively about terrorism.

New York: India (India), referring to Pakistan, said on Tuesday that it is Covid-19) and that the epidemic has not deterred some countries from supporting cross-border terrorism. Besides, India has insisted that the United Nations speak decisively on terrorism.

India opposes religious discrimination
19 The permanent representative of India to the United Nations, TS Terumurthy, said, “India opposes all kinds of Jewish opposition in the world, and all kinds of discrimination on religious grounds.” We know that there are countries that are taking advantage of this pandemic to spread divisive, religious-based hatred in other parts of the world.

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Also, Covid did not stop supporting terrorism
19 and said without naming any country, ‘Covid – an epidemic that also allows it to support cross-border terrorism and religious hatred to kill innocent people. You can’t stop spreading. Terumurthy was addressing a high-profile online event organized by the World Jewish Congress.

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