India will accelerate world energy demand: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday global demand has been hit by the coronavirus epidemic, in which India will accelerate energy consumption around the world. He further stressed that global oil and gas suppliers should adopt responsible pricing and move towards transparent and flexible markets. Modi, speaking at Serra Week’s fourth India Energy Forum, recently mentioned government policy on oil and gas exploration and production licensing and natural gas marketing reforms. He also mentioned the government’s ambitious plan to double its refining capacity.

India’s energy will make the world excited

He said our energy sector is focused on growth, investor friendly and environmentally conscious. India is rapidly developing clean and renewable energy sources. The Prime Minister said: “India is moving towards climate change commitment (COP 21)” is. We 2022 until 1.75, 000 are committed to achieving the goal of reaching MW renewable energy capacity. “He said,” The theme of the annual conference… India’s energy future in a changing world… It’s very relevant. I can assure you that India is full of energy, India’s energy future is bright and secure. The energy of India will make the world energetic. “

is a busy year for energy 2020

The Prime Minister said that globally 2020 is a busy year for the energy sector. Demand fell by almost a third. Furthermore, price volatility was observed and investment decisions were influenced. He said: “Major organizations around the world have predicted a decrease in energy demand in the coming years. But these agencies have predicted that India will emerge as a major energy consumer. India’s energy consumption will double in the long run. “India currently consumes 50 million barrels of oil equivalent of energy. However, the Prime Minister also said that energy suppliers should adopt a responsible pricing system.

will double the number of domestic aircraft

He said: “The world has seen fluctuations in the price of crude oil for a long time. We need to move towards a responsible pricing system. We must work for a transparent and flexible market for both oil and gas “. Prime Minister Modi said there are many areas where the boom is happening. India is the third largest and fastest growing aviation market. The domestic aviation sector is estimated to have doubled its fleet number from 2024 to 1.2022. That will be fine. He also said: “India believes that access to energy should be accessible and full of wealth.”

India is the emerging market in terms of clean energy investments

Il primo ministro ha affermato che sono stati effettuati investimenti nella catena del valore del petrolio e del gas anche durante l’epidemia. Il piano energetico dell’India mira a garantire l’accesso all’energia a tutti e ad adempiere al suo impegno globale per ridurre le emissioni di carbonio. Ha detto: “Il nostro settore energetico è concentrato sulla crescita, favorevole all’industria e attento all’ambiente. Ecco perché l’India è uno dei paesi che sta sviluppando rapidamente fonti di energia rinnovabile “. Modi ha detto:” L’India è oggi il mercato emergente più attraente in termini di investimenti nell’energia pulita “. , “L’India si sta muovendo verso l’impegno relativo al cambiamento climatico. Noi 2022 fino all’1, 75, 000 Ci impegniamo a raggiungere l’obiettivo di raggiungere la capacità di energia rinnovabile di MW. “

In the electricity bill 24, 000 Saving Crores

The Prime Minister said: “We 2030 have increased the renewable energy capacity to 4,75,000 has a target of MW. “He also said that India There are some countries where carbon emissions are low. Despite this, we will continue our campaign against climate change “. Highlighting the government’s findings, Modi said India has achieved its goal of providing electricity to all homes. 36 Energy-efficient LED bulbs were distributed and 1.1 smart LED lights were installed on the roads. It is saving 60 billion units of electricity per year. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 45 million tons and the energy bill saved 24,000 Crores. Regarding reforms in the energy sector,

Increasing gas production will help the economy

Prime Minister Modi said that increasing gas production will help achieve the goal of the gas-based economy. In the same month, companies were granted freedom in terms of marketing. He said that to increase fuel production in the same way as demand increases, we have refined the existing 25 crore tons. Goal to increase from 2025 to 45 crore tons. “The Prime Minister said:” The Extreme India campaign will have a broad positive impact on the global economy. “

2030 up to 4, 50, 000 Power target in megawatts

Said there are seven main elements within the Indian energy sector … rapid efforts to move to a gas-based economy, clean use of fossil fuels, especially oil and coal, to accelerate biofuels. Increased dependence on domestic sources, renewable energy capacity up to 2030 4, 50, 000 Target to provide MW, to promote the use of electricity to reduce vehicle emissions Moving towards the use of new fuels such as dena , hydrogen and digital innovation in all energy systems. “He said,” strong political initiatives in the energy sector have been underway for the past six years and will continue. “

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