INS Kavaratti To join the Navy Fleet today, the enemies will receive an adequate response

New Delhi: Indigenous people with anti-landmine system The stealth warship INS Kavaratti (INS Kavaratti) will be inducted into the Indian Navy Fleet today (Thursday). This extremely dangerous warship will join the Navy Fleet in the presence of Indian Army Commander General Manuj Mukund Nruani at Visakhapatnam. The vessel was designed by the Indian Navy Naval Design Directorate (DND) and built by Kolkata’s Garden Reach Shipbuilding and Engineers Corporation.

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Modern weapons system

Navy officials say INS Kavaratti has the latest weapons system and sensors capable of detecting and tracking submarines. 28 percent used in this warship is local. With the inclusion of INS Kavaratti, there will be a significant increase in India’s naval strength. Three former warships were supplied from this series and are part of the Eastern Fleet of the Indian Navy.

Battleship Cavarati 1971 is an anti-submarine ship of the Indian Navy. The Navy said that the strength of the Indian Navy will increase with the annexation of Cavarati. Its name is derived from the older INS. The Kafrati of the East was famous for its 700th campaign for the independence of Bangladesh.

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