Insisting on the insistence, Donald Trump now affirms it, preparing to do something big!

Washington: in the US elections Even though Joe Biden won, it is not easy for him to keep power. Why Donald Trump is not ready to leave the chair. He also filed a lawsuit in Michigan over the election results. Meanwhile, Trump tweeted that he had 73 in the election, 2020, 000 legal votes were received. In his latest tweet, he counted the number of votes 71,000,000.

NOW 73,000,000 LEGAL VOTES!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 12, 2020

Mai successo prima

Nel suo tweet dell’8 novembre scrisse: “Gli osservatori non erano ammessi nella sala del conteggio. Ho vinto le elezioni, io 71, 000 , 000 Sono stati ricevuti voti legali. Peggio ancora, ai nostri supervisori non era permesso entrare nella stanza del conteggio, non era mai successo prima. Ora Trump dice che il numero dei suoi voti legali 73, 71 ,000 È successo.

Trump’s heart is it?

How Trump called the election fraudulent raised the question of whether he will hand over power to Biden? Trump had recently removed Defense Secretary Mark Esper from his post. Trump was replaced by Christopher Miller, who is considered close to him. At the same time, Defense Minister Mike Pompeo will visit seven countries from tomorrow. In light of all this, Donald Trump is believed to be planning something big.

We won’t let that happen.At the

same time, after Biden, Kamala Harris has now also targeted Donald Trump for a stubborn stance. He said the American public is clearly in favor of Joe Biden. Public confidence in Biden shows that people wanted change. He further stated that going to court regarding the election results is nothing more than an attempt to change the will of the people and the decision of the elected president, which will never be allowed.

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