IPhone SE processor hits Android

Good news for buyers of this economical iPhone SE

With the iPhone Se, Apple is bringing real power to the midranger market. We saw earlier that Apple could compete. However, it turns out that abilities have a much more competitive power.

The secret of the iPhone SE is the processor
With the incorporation of the most modern processor, its own A 13, Apple has pulled a bull’s-eye. The A 13 chip is made up of two large processor heads that guarantee the continuation of critical processes on your iPhone. In addition, 4 heads are installed on the processor. These provide background tasks, such as playing music or operating your iPhone when not in use.

In addition, Apple can define via software which heads and which processor parts are used and which are not. In this way, the tech giant ensures that there is enough power to perform all of the processes. At the same time, it prevents the processor from running slowly, avoiding unnecessary capacity.

The iPhone SE processor compared to Android
The question, of course, is what do you notice in terms of processor power when you have the choice between buying an iPhone SE and an Android device. With the A 13 chip, you score the processor with the highest Geekbench score on the market. Thus, the iPhone SE beats all Android predecessors on this point and competes with the iPhone 11 series.

The fact that the smartphone as a whole is not at the top is because Apple has consciously adjusted the specifications.

What is the durability of the iPhone SE?
Because the performance of the A 13 chip is now deliberately limited, we know that this iPhone is capable of much more. We also know that the chip is powerful enough to withstand the changes Apple will make in the future and remain competitive when it comes to Android smartphones.

Within Apple, the chip will soon be out of date. As we wrote earlier, the A 14 chip is coming. This successor will put the A 13 in the shade, but of course there is a price tag. In terms of value for money, there is absolutely no reason to worry with the iPhone SE.

Source: Cnet

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