Iranian President Hassan Rouhani attacked Donald Trump and said – ‘Saddam Hussein will be like’


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Saddam Hussein pushed us into a military war and Donald Trump imposed an economic war on us despite our victory in both wars. Earlier, he had responded to the US presidential election and said we are happy that Trump will not come from Joe Biden.


Tehran: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani attacked Donald Trump, calling him crazy. He likened US President Donald Trump to the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, saying that Trump’s case would be similar to that of Saddam. Earlier, Rouhani expressed his happiness at the defeat of Trump in the US presidential election, saying that we are not very happy with the arrival of Joe Biden, but we are very happy with the departure of Trump.

“They are both imposing war on us.”


President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that in Iran’s history we had to deal with two crazy leaders. The first is Saddam Hussein and the second is Donald Trump. Speaking on state television, he went on to say, ‘One gave Iran a military war (1980 –

) I pushed and the other (Trump) imposed an economic war on us, even though we won both wars. ‘ Rouhani said Saddam had been sentenced for his crimes and the same would happen to Donald Trump.

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Joe Biden wants to improve the relationship

Earlier this month, Iranian President Trump was also targeted in a speech at the Cabinet. He said, “Some ask: Are we excited about Biden’s arrival?” I want to tell you that this is not the case at all. We are not very happy about Biden’s arrival, but we are very happy when Trump is gone. He also described Trump as “a dictator, the most law-abiding president, terrorist and murderer.” Interestingly, the newly elected US President Joe Biden has hinted at restoring diplomatic relations with Iran.

Tensions increased during Trump’s term

Tensions between Iran and the United States have escalated after Donald Trump became president. The Trump administration tried to bring Israel and the Gulf states closer, while Iran was not ready. In 2018, Trump withdrew himself from a historic nuclear deal with Tehran and reimposed unilateral sanctions. Then, in January, Trump ordered an airstrike near Baghdad airport, killing the top Iranian general, Qassem Soleimani. Aside from that, the Trump administration made many such decisions, which led to an increase in tension between the two countries

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