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Is it mandatory for Apple to include a USB-C port on the iPhone 14?

There is a potential that Apple, under intense pressure, will choose USB-C for the iPhone 14 instead of Lightning. Finally.

When Apple preaches about climate change and the environment, it always comes out as a little ambiguous. After all, Apple, the American technology company based in Cupertino, California, has demonstrated its own stubbornness by providing the iPhone with a Lightning connector. While the USB-C port is found on the vast majority of devices nowadays. This results in an additional cable and, hence, additional waste. And this is detrimental to the ecosystem.

If Apple does not agree to a settlement, perhaps a new law will be passed to resolve the situation. The European Commission has proposed that smartphone makers be required to equip their devices with USB-C ports in order to sell them in the EU. This rule will prevent Apple from selling a new iPhone with a Lightning connector in Europe, should it be adopted. Of course, the IT corporation will not allow anything to progress to that point.

There is a potential that Apple will still adopt USB-C, perhaps as early as next year with the iPhone 14. This is due to pressure from Europe. For the time being, it is still merely a proposal from the European Commission. Nothing has yet been put on paper in order to put this law into force in its current form. So we’ll just have to wait and see. Even worse, the responsibility doesn’t sound all that bad. You should have a sufficient number of USB-C cables at home. It would be great if you, as an iPhone owner, were able to charge your smartphone in this manner as well. (via Bloomberg )

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