Is Kim Jong exposed to the world as a fake? This report raised many questions

Pyongyang: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un (rumors about Kim Jong Un) have tightened again. It is now said that Kim Jong uses his body twice. According to the Mail Online report, the man who appeared on May 1 at the inauguration of a fertilizer plant on the outskirts of Pyongyang is not Kim Jong, but his rival. Significantly, 11 Kim Jong had completely disappeared since April. There was speculation about his health. It has even been said that the dictator has a serious illness. On May 1, the North Korean state media released pictures of Kim who attended the plant’s inauguration ceremony. After seeing these pictures, Kim was believed to be perfectly healthy, but this new information has fueled the rumors market again.

According to the report, the focus is on Kim Jong’s ears and teeth, with many matching the dictator’s old and current image, trying to show that the two are different. That means that whoever is portrayed as Kim looks similar to him. Former British MP Louise Mensch has the same thing to say. When he published Kim Jong’s pictures, he wrote: “The difference between teeth and other things can be clearly seen in the pictures. Look closely, you’ll know it too. He went on to say that the person recently disclosed is not the dictator of North Korea, but I cannot argue about it. I don’t know if it is appropriate to continue with this idea or not, but these two people are not.

This is the reason for doubt

Point marks on the nose, wrinkles and wrists were found along with Kim Jong’s teeth. A look at the new and old photos shows that there is a difference in the texture of the teeth. Due to the match of the photos, it is feared that the real Kim Jong is still suffering from an illness, and his body is sent twice to the opening ceremony to convince the world that everything is fine.

is an old tradition

The theory of body double cannot be completely ruled out either, because dictators traditionally use their faces. Hitler looked from Stalin to Saddam Hussein. However, there are some people who don’t want to believe this theory. They believe that all of this happens under a conspiracy.

Already have

Human rights activist Jennifer Zeng is one of the first to attract attention. After looking at both pictures, he underlined the discrepancies in Kim Jong’s hair, tooth structure and ears. The International Business Times also reported that Kim Jong has used body doubles many times and often uses them to avoid his enemies.

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