Islamophobia: Imran Khan’s dual character, restless with France, but silent on China’s actions

Islamabad / Beijing: Pakistan on Islamophobia (Pakistan)) The dual character of Prime Minister Imran Khan has been revealed once again. Imran is opening a front against France to link terrorism to Islam, but its language has remained paralyzed on the question of China. He is silent about showing the image of the Prophet Muhammad on Chinese television.

Will you boycott now?

Now the question arises whether Pakistan and Turkey, who claim to be supporters of Islam, will boycott Chinese products? In France, a young man beheaded a teacher for showing a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. When that young man was killed in a police action, Muslim countries exploded. French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement against religious fundamentalism did not appeal to him at all. In response, a campaign was launched to boycott French products.

Pakistan foreign minister was shaking, you know the truth about Abhinandan’s release

Letter written against France

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan even wrote a letter to Muslim countries and even invited them to unite against Western countries. He said it is necessary for Muslim countries to unite to bring the leadership of Western countries prone to Islamophobia on the right path. But now China’s voice does not come out of his mouth.

Image shown on CCTV A

video of a TV series broadcast by China Central Television (CCTV), showing the scene of the Arab ambassador to China during the Tang dynasty regime, is going viral on the Internet. The video shows the Arab ambassador presenting the portrait of the Prophet Mohammed to the Chinese emperor. An image of the Prophet Muhammad was shown in the TV series “Carol of Zhenguan”. It is worth noting that neither the Chinese administration nor the TV channel have denied this claim. That is, Chinese officials have no problem with this. So, is it natural to raise the question of whether countries like Turkey and Pakistan will oppose China portraying the Prophet Muhammad?

French action continues

Despite the threat and boycott of Muslim countries, the French government has continued to take strong action against Islamic fundamentalism. France has blocked many mosques. Let me tell you that President Emmanuel Macron had strongly criticized radical Islam. He described the teacher’s murder as an Islamic terrorist attack. In his latest statement, Macron said he will continue to make tough decisions to protect the French people. He said: “Despite the controversies, despite the difficulty in making decisions, my responsibility is to protect all the French people.”

India with France

Muslim countries around the world are opposing France, but India has openly joined France. India’s foreign ministry has released a statement stating that we condemn the personal attacks on French President Emmanuel Macron in unacceptable language, in violation of the most basic standards of international debate. We also condemn the murder of a French teacher in a horribly brutal terrorist attack. We express our condolences to his family and the French people. There is no justification for supporting terrorism for any reason or under any circumstances.

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