Israel Starts Human Experiments With Coronavirus Vaccine | World news

Jerusalem: state-run Israel Institute for Biological Research announced Sunday that researchers will begin human testing for the coronavirus vaccine next week.

The institute said that clinical trials in the initial 80 people will begin on November 1. Depending on the results, the test will be expanded to 30,000 students in April or May next year, and 30,000 students in April or May next year, to 960 students in December. Of the previous step.

“I believe in the capabilities of our scientists and I am confident that we can produce a safe and effective vaccine,” said Dr. Shmuel Shapira, Director of the Lab.

He said the goal is to produce 15 million doses for the benefit of the Israeli state and close neighbors. He did not explain in detail.

The institute is run by the Ministry of Defense. Defense Minister Beniganz said, “Today is a day of hope for the citizens of Israel.”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 40 coronavirus vaccine candidates are in clinical trials worldwide.

Israel, a country of about 9 million, reported more than 300,000 COVID-19 cases and nearly 2,400 deaths.

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