Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called for an end to sexual violence, saying women are’righteous animals’ and in a tumultuous speech | World news

Tel Aviv: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu caused controversy after accidentally referring to a woman as a “right animal” on Monday.

According to The Times of Israel, the incident took place on Monday when the PM gave a speech at an event commemorating the’International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women’.

In general, a competent speaker, Netanyahu, was speaking to stop violence against women at a conference in Knesset. The Prime Minister said, “Women do not belong to you. “Women aren’t animals that can be beaten.”

Especially with his wife Sarah, who was sitting with him on the stage, he added, “it wouldn’t work out well,” he added. “Today we say you don’t hit animals either.”

Perhaps he had to stop there, but after a long pause he found the correct word and kept pushing. “We understand that (animals) have insight and are intelligent and have cognition, and that animals have emotions,” he said.

“We have a legitimate sympathy for animals. We are really connected to this,” he said, beckoning to his wife again.

The Netanyahu family was famous for adopting a rescue dog, Kaia, making headlines saying that they asked the prime minister and other people.

“If we have compassion for animals, then women are animals. Children are animals. Animals with rights and this problem must disappear from the world. I hope we don’t see these shocking things,” he finally concluded.

Violence against women is a major problem for women around the world, and cases around the world have surged due to the coronavirus pandemic. At that time, Netanyahu’s remarks have been criticized on social media after a clip of his speech went viral. Many have argued that when domestic violence is compared to animal cruelty, the remarks correspond to silly misogyny.

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