Italy to announce new COVID-19 sanctions as transition

The Italian government has already tightened restrictions twice in 10 days.


Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Sunday announced another set of measures to counter the new wave of COVID-19 cases, with his office saying the country had a new daily record in transition on Saturday.

Conte’s office said the government is discussing new restrictions with local and health officials to increase infections while limiting the impact on individuals and businesses.

Italy was the first major European country to be affected by COVID-19 and managed to control its outbreak this summer thanks to a rigorous two-month lockdown on trade and movement of people. But the infection has increased in recent weeks.

According to the Ministry of Health, 10,925 new infections were recorded in the country on Saturday, the highest level ever reached per day, on a previous record of 10,010 cases released on Friday.

Government ministers reiterated the lockdown imposed at the start of the crisis, but officials noted several alternative measures to reduce social interactions.

Giovanni Toti, head of the northwestern Liguria region, said the government would urge schools to alternate between online and in-person lessons and ask companies to increase distance work.

The government has already tightened restrictions twice in 10 days, wearing masks outside the house and limiting public ceremonies, restaurants, sports and some school activities.

According to Italian newspapers, the new restrictions could also target non-essential activities, including gyms, swimming pools and amateur sporting events.

According to official figures, since the outbreak in February, Italy has the second biggest death in Europe after Britain in Italy.

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