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It’s finally here: smart glasses that aren’t obnoxious!

It has been announced that Ray-Ban and Facebook are collaborating. As a consequence, smart glasses that aren’t obnoxious are created.

You wouldn’t anticipate a partnership between the eyewear company Ray-Ban and social media platform Facebook, would you? However, they went ahead and performed it in order to create spectacles. For a long time, they have been putting off this decision, but the moment has come to do so. Ray-Ban Stories are the first smart glasses to be released by the two businesses in collaboration. Not only should the glasses be fashionable, but they should also be technologically sophisticated.

Smart glasses that aren’t too obnoxious

Most “smart glasses” aren’t meant to be used for spying on people. That is about to change, thanks to these stylish spectacles. The spectacles are available for purchase for 329 euros. You may choose from a variety of (well-known) frames, such as Round and Wayfarer, among others. You may also choose from a variety of lens options, including colourful and prescription lenses. They do come at a higher price. The sunglasses are available for purchase through Ray-retail Ban’s locations and on their website.

In addition to their attractive appearance, the glasses are capable of much more than ordinary glasses. For example, it has audio functionality. With Bluetooth, of course! This enables you to quickly play your preferred music or make a phone call without having to look down at your phone.

Check out the app

Now Facebook enters the picture, as they have created an application for the platform. This application is connected directly to the glasses. You may quickly and simply share pictures with family, coworkers, and friends using the app. Of course, you may also share it directly on social media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, or another app.

Privacy, according to the designers, is a primary consideration in the design of the spectacles. According to Facebook, “We make certain that owners of the glasses — and the people around them – feel comfortable, secure, and well-informed.” More information about the glasses may be found on the following page.

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