Jamal Khashogi’s fiancé sues Saudi prince in US for murder

Turkish Citizen Hattis Kengiz Claims Personal Injury, Financial Losses Following Khashogi’s Death


Journalist Jamal Khashogi’s fiancé on Tuesday sued the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and other officials in a U.S. court to seek damages for his brutal murder in Istanbul two years ago.

Turkish citizen Hattis Kengiz and human rights group Khashogi formed before his death, Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN), Mohammed bin Salman and 28 others seeking damages for the murder of an author based in the US on October 2, 2018 Did.

Kanshig claimed personal injury and financial loss following Khashogi’s death, while DAWN said its operations and goals were hampered by the loss of its founder and central figure.

“The brutal atrocities and assassination of Mr. Khashoggi have shaken the conscience of people all over the world,” the lawsuit said.

“The motive for the assassination was clear – to stop advocating Mr. Khashoggi in the United States, primarily as executive director of the DAWN Plaintiff for Democratic Reform in the Arab World.”

Khashoggi was killed inside the Istanbul consulate in Saudi Arabia and his body was beaten and disposed of by a team of Saudis allegedly guided by the right hands of the crown prince.

Following global expressions of resentment over the case and pressure from the US and Turkey, 13 Saudis were tried in Riyadh and sentenced to harsh prison terms.

But two main imperial allies, deputy intelligence chief Ahmed al-Assiri and Saud al-Qahani, the imperial court’s media chief, have exaggerated despite links to the assassination.

The two accomplices were convicted in Saudi Arabia for the murder, and others linked to the plot were named in the lawsuit.

Sengiz and DAWN said they filed a lawsuit in federal court in Washington because they saw no chance of justice in Saudi Arabia, known for its opaque courts, and Turkish legal experts said the civil case would not continue. not. Ankara files a criminal case on the murder.

A leading critic of the Riyadh regime, Khashogi lives near Washington and works for the Washington Post when he was killed.

Sengiz said the two got married according to Islamic traditions and were preparing for a civil marriage.

The lawsuit alleges that a conspiracy against her was involved in the Saudi embassy in Washington, which ordered her to travel to Istanbul to obtain the required documents for her marriage.

He also claims his assassination damaged the operations of DAWN, which is based in Washington.

The defendants said: “Mr. Khashogi was aware of American ties and silenced Mr. Khashogi for brutally killing him and forbade him to continue his advocacy for democracy in the Arab world in the United States, ”the lawsuit said. said.

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