Joe Biden annoyed by Donald Trump’s stubborn attitude, removed his anger

Washington: Those Who Won US Presidential Elections Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden said President Donald Trump is sending a bad message to the international community by not accepting defeat in the election.

“The presidential election took place in America on November 3rd.” Please

let us know that in the presidential election held on November 3 in the United States, most media institutions declared Biden the winner. After a few weeks, many states will put official stamps on Biden’s name. However, Trump refused to accept defeat and even filed a lawsuit against the election results in several states.

“Invalid Message Sent to the World Due to the Impact of Triumph”

In a meeting with a group of governors from both sides in Wilmington, Biden said: “The worst message is being sent to the rest of the world about how democracy works” . I don’t know what their motive is. But I think it’s very irresponsible. “

‘History will keep Trump irresponsible’

In response to a question, he said: ‘Now the President does. This is another accident. With this, he will be recognized as one of America’s most irresponsible presidents in history. Biden said: ‘We would like to make it clear that we have won. But it is difficult for such a person to understand. I think he knows he has neither won nor will win. We 20 will take over in January. ‘

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“I’ll keep a check on the virus, not the economy.”

After this meeting, Biden, in response to a question from reporters, confirmed that the national blockade was not imposed to deal with Kovid – 19 in the country. He said: “The nationwide blockade cannot be enforced because every region, region and community is different. Therefore, blocking at the national level cannot be imposed under any circumstances. Biden said: “I will keep a check on the virus, not the economy.”

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