Joe Biden appoints longtime aide Ron Klain as White House chief of staff

Ron Clain was Biden’s chief of staff even during his tenure as vice president.


In the United States, the winner of the presidential election and future president Joe Biden announced on Wednesday the appointment of his assistant Ron Klain as “chief of staff of the White House”. After Biden takes over as president, Clann will oversee the president’s executive office and act as a senior advisor.

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Biden said, “Ron has been very special to me for many years and we’ve worked together. In 2009 we saved the US economy from the greatest recession in history and later in 2014 we faced the public health catastrophe (in the role of Ebola action coordinator).

He said: “He has a long and varied experience working with people in the political arena and the ability is exactly what I need in the ‘White House Chief of Staff’ as we are facing a crisis and to our country. It is necessary to bring them together.

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At the same time, Klan said, “It is an honor to serve Biden, who has been elected president, in this way and I am overwhelmed by the trust he has shown in me. I am delighted to work with him… ”

Clain (2009-2011) also had Biden’s “chief of staff” when Biden was vice president.

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