Joe Biden May Defer China-US Cold War, But Competition Continues: Chinese Observer | World news

Beijing: Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election could give China a break from President Donald Trump’s’Cold War’ declaration, and a limited opportunity to re-establish turbulent relations even when high-intensity competition is expected to continue Could be, a Chinese observer said on Sunday.

Trump’s four years in power are the worst step in Sino-U.S. relations as the Chinese Communist Party (CPC), led by President Xi Jinping, struggles to deal with what Chinese officials say is the most obscure and unpredictable U.S. leader ever. Former U.S. President Richard Nixon made a historical visit to Beijing in 1972 to establish relations with the communist state for the first time.

Trump aggressively promoted all aspects of US-China relations, including the constant trade war, the Chinese domination of the conflicting South China Sea, the constant threat to Taiwan, and branding as the’Chinese virus’ after the coronavirus emerged in Wuhan. December last year.

Biden’s tenure could guide the’buffer period’ of the already fierce Sino-US relations, and could provide a breakthrough in resuming a high level of communication between the two countries and rebuilding mutual strategic trust, the state-run Global Report Times said.

Deteriorating relations between China and the United States enter a vicious circle, undermining strategic mutual trust, halting high-level communication, and little specific cooperation.

Xin Qiang, deputy director of the American Research Center at Fudan University, said daily.

Under Biden, it can be expected that China and the United States will resume pragmatic cooperation on vaccines, epidemic fights and climate change, Xin said.

Jin Kanlong, vice president of the Faculty of International Studies at Renmin University of China in Beijing, said Biden would bring a’buffer’ for worsening Sino-American relations.

Jin said, “Biden will be more moderate and more mature in diplomacy.”

No matter who wins at the White House, many articles have appeared in foreign media that the next US president is most likely to take a’tough’ position on Chinese policy. Hong Xiang Wei, a South Chinese columnist based in Hong Kong, said Morning Post.

“It’s certainly true, but from a Beijing perspective, President Biden is more likely to put a bottom in the free fall of current relations, judging by his remarks about China and his foreign policy advisers. In his column on Sunday.

Instead of an increasingly stupid and full-fledged approach to the Trump administration demonizing China’s leadership, strengthening ideological confrontation, and limiting China’s economic development, Biden’s presidency is moving from an intensifying confrontation and competition to a new top. It could lead to issues like technology and human rights, but strengthened cooperation on global issues, including climate change, he said.

“Then Biden would probably choose a stronger overall option for China,” Wang said, “but he would avoid pushing the two countries into a new Cold War.” He cited Biden’s comments in an interview that saw Russia as a bigger threat. As a’serious competitor’ to the US and China. But pending changes in the US leadership will not change the overall direction of Washington’s Chinese policy, observers said.

Regardless of who lives in the White House, the United States will maintain some of its current approach to China, the Global Times report said.

Biden’s Chinese policy said it would simply not return to his 2016 Obama-era approach, as Sino-American relations and the global environment have changed significantly over the past four years.

Jin added, “Because it is a strategic agreement between the United States and the United States to block and confront China, we should not expect too much from Biden.”

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