Joe Biden says he will treat coronovirus like Donald Trump’s super-recovery

In 2016, Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by five points in Georgia.

Warm Springs, United States:

Joe Biden raged against Donald Trump on Tuesday with accusations the US president surrendered to a growing epidemic as Democrats campaigned in Georgia’s Republican stronghold a week before the election.

As the former vice president embarked on electoral crime, seeking to broaden the campaign map and his state-by-state path to victory on November 3, Trump made an offer from the Midwest to the Midwest, saying He was supposed to vote in 2016. But the polls he shows lean in Biden’s path.

And with the campaign confined to his final days, Biden has given one of his best surrogates, popular former President Barack Obama, a tight argument for the Florida Democrats, a winning state for Trump, If it’s for. avoid obstacles. And win a reunion.

Biden is baffled by poll numbers showing him in place while exploring Trump’s response to the coronovirus, reminding voters that Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows admitted over the weekend that “we’re going to control the epidemic Huh. “

Speaking in Warming Springs, Georgia, Biden called the White House response a “surrender” that “never tried” to stop an epidemic that has now killed more than 226,000 Americans.

Bide said that instead of working as the war chairman for the Battle of Kovid-19, Trump said, “He was reprimanded and he surrendered.”

“I am here to tell you: we can and will control this virus,” he said.

“My ass is working!

Trump beat Georgia’s Hillary Clinton by five points in 2016, but Peach State has a 74-year-old neck and neck with Biden in the polls.

Georgia last voted for the Democrats for president almost three decades ago – Bill Clinton in 1992 – but has high hopes of returning Biden’s campaign to the state, and also winning two of its seats in the United States Senate that fall Are for

Biden, 77, then held a socially remote rally in Georgia’s largest city, Atlanta, where he repeated similar attacks on Trump, but urged voters to recognize this in order to win the White House. What is the sudden importance of the state.

“We win Georgia, we win everything!” Biden said, his voice rising. “These are the last days, so carry with you a feeling of empowerment, a feeling of optimism.”

Trump, meanwhile, maintained his hectic campaign pace, hosting an outdoor rally in Michigan, followed by the same in Wisconsin and then Nebraska. Participants did not engage in social unrest, and many were masked.

Michigan and Wisconsin are Midwestern battlegrounds it won four years ago by razor thin margins, but Trump insisted “we’re leading almost everywhere” thanks to his campaign agenda frantic.

“I have to say I’m working my ass out here!” He played one shot in Lansing, Michigan, symbolizing immense joy.

Trump also said his epidemic policies and economic maneuvers would serve the nation better than Biden.

“This election is a choice between Trump’s super-takeover or Biden’s depression,” he said.

But with the rise in Kovid-19 cases in several states and no agreement on an epidemic bailout in Congress, US stocks slid for a third straight session on Tuesday.

Later in Wisconsin, Trump warned Americans that they should not let “take this radical socialist group as president”.

At his last rally of the day in Omaha, Nebraska, he said, “We haven’t come this far and have worked hard to return our country to the corrupt Washington swamp.”

‘Take it home’

The RealClearPolitics election tracking website is averaging 7.4 points in national elections – a slight drop from a few days ago.

Trump, in a tweet on Tuesday, rejected the election and accused the media of focusing on “Kovid, Kovid, Kovid” to hurt their chances of a reunion.

While Biden maintained a more constrained campaign schedule than hosting Trump’s “super-spreader” events, he sent Obama to Florida, where the race is at its end.

“A week before the most important election of our lives,” Obama told a crowd at a rally in Orlando.

He accused Trump of a harsh indictment including incompetence, repeated lies, embracing dictators and ignoring the epidemic.

But he may also have to bear the brunt of apathy in 2016 and said the election could cost Democrats dearly and urged them to plan and vote early.

Obama said: “We were very happy last time. The guys got a little lazy, the people took it up and look at what happened. ”

“Not this time,” he said. “Let’s take it home.”

With Trump in the Midwest, First Lady Melania Trump hit Husting for the first time this year.

“Donald is a fighter,” she told Trump supporters in Pennsylvania before turning to her husband’s harsh use of Twitter.

“I don’t always agree with the way you put it,” he asked, laughing. “But it’s important to him that he speaks directly to the people he serves.”

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