Joe Biden’s strong message to China said about America’s re-inclusion in the WHO

Joe Biden

Newly elected US president Joe Biden gave a strong message to China and said that China must follow the rules and work under them.


Washington: Newly elected US President Joe Biden reiterated the US’s inclusion in the World Health Organization (WHO), although he also has it with China (China)) He gave a strong message and said he wants to make sure the China works by the rules.

Donald Trump Made America Different

Let us know that in April this year, US President Donald Trump decided to separate the US from the World Health Organization (WHO). The United States claimed that the WHO misled the world about the Corona virus and consistently favored China. Due to this deadly virus spread to countries around the world.


Biden who wants to punish China

on the statement made by Joe Biden during the debate on the presidential elections Answering the question asked to punish China. He was asked if the second largest economy, America, would impose economic restrictions or tariffs on China, which is the second largest economy in the world. In response, Biden said he wants to punish the way China is behaving.


Will Join America Then Joe Biden said his administration will rejoin the World Health Organization from day one. We must ensure that the rest of the world and we work together. Along with this, he said that China must follow the rules and work under them.

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