Lawsuit filed against objection, tuition, and campus fees from students in America

Washington: With regard to the corona virus , the topic of “online learning” is emphasized. Many schools and universities take part in online courses. At the same time, the game of collecting fees on behalf of these classes has started. However, the news from the United States is a warning to all of these institutions.

26 students from American universities have sued their colleges. He says that online education is affected by the quality of education. Therefore, some tuition and campus fees should be reimbursed.

Angry students say that they usually paid for their studies by attending classes. They have paid laboratory, library, gym, etc. fees, but are now being asked to study online. There is no doubt that students receive credit, but this cannot be compared to the experience on campus. A lot of new friends are found in college, you learn a lot of new things, which is not possible in online classes. This is the reason why students have asked for a refund of the fees.

Lawsuit filed

Students are frustrated with online courses. Some say that lectures don’t go live. Professors often record videos and there is no discussion. The colleges against which the case was filed include several Ivy League schools such as Brown, Columbia, and Cornell. Apart from that, the students also expressed their anger in public schools. On his behalf, a lawsuit against Purdue was filed by the University of Colorado and the University of Chicago.

This is the logic of the schools

Most of these universities say that classes can take place online, but the professors remain the same. In view of the escalation of the dispute, some schools have reimbursed some of the student accommodation and subsistence fees. However, most are unwilling to pay tuition or campus fees. He says he has also suffered many financial losses from the Corona virus. It is therefore not possible to reimburse tuition or campus fees.

Cry of poor financial condition

Colleges are also screaming for their crunchy financial situation. Some say they lose up to $ 1 billion a year. Can you call that the beginning of the end of large universities? If Harvard could get $ 9 million to support coronaviruses, imagine how much money the United States would spend on campus each year.

But it is not possible to finance institutions in this way, even if the country’s economy is going through a weak phase. At the same time, there is a decline in student enrollment at top universities. Because the corona virus caused fear in humans. In such a situation, it has to be seen whether foreign students are returning to campus?

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