Leak: Samsung smartphone receives context camera

Samsung would first come with a pop-up camera.

There are many ways to make a camera as invisible as possible in a smartphone. The pop-up camera is one such technique, although this solution does not seem to have worked completely. However, according to leaks and recent reports, Samsung is thinking of the context camera.

Samsung is working on a pop-up camera
Tasty and reliable OnLeaks lets Pigtou know that Samsung is working on its first pop-up camera. So far, Samsung has left the selfie camera for what it was. Of course, the high-end devices are pierced, but it was. With the pop-up camera, Samsung goes even further for the first time by providing a completely borderless display.

Samsung Galaxy A series?
Based on the renderings, it doesn’t appear to be a high-end device. Speculation suggests that we are looking at a new variant of the Galaxy A here. After all, the glasses are a bit sturdy, there is a physical fingerprint reader on the back (not on the screen) and we see a fairly standard triple camera on the back. We expect this type of camera islands from high-end devices.

Anyway, this is the first time that Samsung has applied this technology and it will take some time before you can start using it yourself, if it ever comes out. Because these are leaks, we will probably have to wait for official information. A new A series has also just been released. Provided that it is not a completely new device, the exit will take some time.

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