Malaysia: Police questioned Anwar who was trying to become Prime Minister


Police on Thursday questioned opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim about claiming a support list of parliamentarians to overthrow the current government in Malaysia. Anwar called it “political oppression”.


Kuala Lumpur: Police questioned opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on Thursday about claims of a list of parliamentary support to overthrow the current government in Malaysia. Anwar called it “political oppression”. The opposition leader said he had a list of MPs ready to overthrow and support the current government. Anwar met with the country’s king on Tuesday to demonstrate the support needed in parliament to form a new government, ousting Prime Minister Muhiddin Yasin. Yasin has a majority of only two seats in Parliament.

121 List of parliamentarians 113 Complaints, disputes

Police said Thursday in a statement that they were asked to list 121 lawmakers who allegedly supported Anwar. Complaints have been received. He did not provide information on complaints. This list is circulating on social media. Police issued a summons on Thursday and summoned Anwar to record his statement. Anwar (73) outside police headquarters told reporters that laws relating to public evil and the misuse of network facilities to harass someone Fewer than six cases against him have been investigated.

Political persecution

However, Anwar said police questions were more focused on knowing the names of the lawmakers supporting him. He also said that all of this is done on instructions from the government. He said: “This is clearly political and humiliating oppression.” Opposition leader Anwar said he had the support of more than 120 MPs but refused to appoint him.

He also accused that supporters of Prime Minister Muhiddin Yasin might try to lure such MPs into their court. Anwar said the matter was between him and Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmed Shah and told police he would not disclose the names of the supporting parliamentarians. He said the Sultan would meet with political party leaders to confirm his claim.

Yasin came to power in March after the breakup of Anwar’s reform alliance. Yasin had previously rejected Anwar’s claim to support MPs to form the government, but this week the pressure has increased. After Anwar met Raja, Yasin’s main aide to the government threatened to withdraw government support and expressed anger at being ignored even after being a big party. Raja on Thursday advised leaders to avoid taking the country to “another political crisis” during the outbreak.

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