Malaysian Prime Minister Mahthir Mohammed’s tweet deleted from Twitter for glorifying violence after knife attack in France

Mahathir Mohammed tweeted the French president’s statements amid the violence in France. (Photo file)


Social media platform Twitter deleted a tweet from former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad) on Thursday. Twitter said the tweet violates its rules against “glorifying violence.” His tweet follows a knife attack in the French city of Nice, in which three people died. His tweet spread anger on social media.

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France’s digital minister criticized his tweet and demanded that the former Malaysian prime minister’s account be suspended from Twitter. He even added in one of his tweets that if Twitter didn’t, he would also be seen as a partner in calling for the murder. He wrote in a tweet: “I spoke to the CEO of Twitter France. Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad’s account should be deleted immediately. Otherwise, Twitter will also be considered one of the promoters of the murder.

Twitter first tagged Mahathir Mohammad’s tweet with a warning that he was breaking his rules but had not been deleted. However, later the platform deleted that particular tweet, but kept the tweet thread.

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In fact, this month, a schoolteacher was murdered by an 18-year-old student for showing it off in class in a cartoon class referring to the Prophet Muhammad. He was attacked by French President Emmanuel Macron over radical Islam. To this, Mahathir Mohammed had targeted macros by tweeting 13 simultaneously and described him as “very rude and backward for being accused of Muslims and Islam for killing a teacher”.

After the assassination of the teacher, there was violence and an atmosphere of large-scale protest in France. On Thursday, a man and a man were stabbed to death and wounded several others near the Nottre-Dam basilica in Nice. Police have taken the attacker into custody and he is under investigation for terrorist attack.

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